Tilden Capital Management, LLC (“TCM”) is a fee only, investment management and financial planning firm, offering its services to individuals, families, trusts and estates.  The firm’s integrity, experience and dedication to its clients, is what distinguishes it from other firms.

TCM provides a highly personalized approach to investing.  Each client’s objectives are carefully defined and represented in his or her investment policy.  The current portfolio’s securities and allocation are compared with the client’s objectives to assess proper fit.  If necessary, allocation changes are recommended and executed on behalf of the client.  TCM continually monitors and reports to its clients through an objective and value-oriented process.

TCM also provides comprehensive and stand-alone financial planning.  This includes but is not limited to, cash-flow management, employee benefit analysis, tax, education, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.  A review of the client’s investments is incorporated into the plan, which the client can then execute and monitor based on provided recommendations.