A person purchases insurance to protect against the possibility of a future event disrupting their financial goals.  There are several important questions TCM goes over with the client to asses the proper amount of insurance, some of the most important are: 

  • Who depends on you?  
  • How would your family deal with a disability?
  • How would your family deal with a death?  
  • What costs do you want covered? (Mortgage, Education, Retirement, Medical Needs)

TCM provides independent, objective and quantifiable advice to how much and what types of insurance a client should purchase.  Based on the clients location three or more potential insurance agents are recommended based on several factors to include, firm's financial well being, educations background and degrees, length of time in business, and any specializations in insurance.  If requested, TCM will accompany it's client while they discuss types and amounts of policies with their agent.  

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